LuggageWorks Executive Ballistic Flight Kit

Crew Outfitters wanted me to review one of their flight bags to see how it holds up on the line. The bag was the LuggageWorks Executive Ballistic Flight Kit.

It is made of the same tough fabric as the LuggageWorks Bag. Because of the fabric construction, it can expand as your Jeppeson and manuals do which make it more functional than the hard sided bags.

The fabric is also more durable than the leather bags I have had. It won’t scratch or rip as those bags do. But the best feature of the LuggageWorks Executive Ballistic Flight Kit is how well it adapts to the different space requirements.

Since each plane’s cockpit space is different, a flight bag that fits well into an MD-80 may not fit well into a B-767. To make the bag more flexible, expandable pockets were put on the ends and the sides.

The plane I fly, the B767 has, a fairly narrow area for my flight kit. Also, my airplane is going to more cities so I need to carry more charts. The solution was to take out my maps and put the in the expandable pockets on either end making more room for my manuals.

I like the handle better than most bags because it is riveted in. Other bags have screws that loosen and strip over time. The handle did rip at the bottom due to the metal hook on my luggage to carry my flight kit through the terminal.

The only bad feature is the combination lock is made of plastic and is not that secure. Also, as my bag got heavier, the locks would pop open if I
lifted it up without changing the combination lock from the open code.

In general, I really liked this bag. It’s more flexible than the hard sided bag and it is more durable than a leather flight kit. Combine that with the low price and it is a great buy.

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