Screw Your Buddy Pass

I was in the pilot lounge today when I heard a conversation about someone trying to get a friend from Seattle to Atlanta. He jumped through the hoops in the pass bureau to find it would cost $320 round trip. His friend Said thanks but no thanks because on line he could get a one way ticket for $139… for everything including Tax! You do the math. The pilot called the pass bureau again because he thought there was a mistake made with the buddy pass.

The person at the pass bureau said that that was correct fare. He asked why it was so high. The answer was ‘you have to understand that YOU have to pay for the taxes. The pilot said, if that is true, the fare on the internet has less tax than our buddy passes, right? There was silence. Not to let this fact go he added ..’Or is the company making money off us?’

So I went to my company’s pass webpage and got the price. Then I went to the Internet and used my search engine at NONREWEBSITE.  And put in the city pair. The prices at the top and right side were more than enough proof of this story. But as I always say, don’t take my word for it, go to my search engine with the city pair, look at the results, especially at the top and right and click on the to see what the total price is. Then, try the same with Google to be sure. The results will surprise you.

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