GoToob to Get Through Security

Next Month my schedule takes me to the UK which means extreme adherence to the 3 once liquid policy for security. To make my life a little easier, my friends at Crew Outfitters Suggested I try to GoToob. These container is perfect for getting through security, soft sided for ease of use, and food safe.

If you are like me, you are tired of cleaning out and filling those small plastic containers that make it possible for you to make it through security. These containers are not so easy to find. I have had to use the small shampoo containers to guarantee security won’t be a hassle. And then they were not the best for use and refilling.

The GoToob is soft sided which makes it much easier to dispense shampoo in a slippery dark shower when you are trying to get ready for pick-up and have had not slept well. Instead of doing the ‘get the little bit out that is left,’ you can squeeze the last of the contence out.

The other great feature is the big opening at the top. It is wide enough to get the thickest liquid to the bottom without clogging to top. Another nice feature on the top is an indicator for shampoo, conditioner, and others removes the guessing of the contence.

Finally it is food safe which means you can guarantee your hot sauce won’t be taken out of your flight kit. The money you save on getting the economy size of shampoo, shaving cream, even hot sauce instead of those tiny expensive containers will pay for the GoToob in no time.

So next monthwhen I have those 4 trips to the UK, I won’t have to worry about the 3 once security rule. I also won’t have to struggle in the bathroom as much when my body is on the back side of the clock. One last thing, want some hotsauce to go with that bland meal?

At 15% off at Crew Outfitters, they are lower then any other place I have found on the web. If you would like to purchase a pair, go to Crew Outfitters and use the promo code LW15.

But don’t take my word this is the best deal on the web, search the web for yourself. Just put in Gotoob in my custom search engine, programmed to find deals, and see what you get.

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