Prevent Deep Vain Thrombosis and Shin Splints

Usually I only use support socks to keep from getting Deep Vain Thrombosis, but my friends wanted me to try out a something new. It is the Zensah Calf/Shin Sleeve. Not only does it propose to prevent blood clots from forming do to long trips, but it advertises to prevent shin splints. I decided to try them on a trip to Europe.

The first thing I liked is that if only covered from the ankle to the calf. Along with its thin design, it allowed me to where my thicker uniform socks for the winter, as well as my thick wool socks walking around Zurich. The anti-microbial thermal regulating material wicked the moisture away so the sleeve can be used several times on a trip without having to wash them until I get home.

The dual action support gives graduated compression to produce maximum oxygen blood flow increasing blood flow. After a ten hour trip, most of it sitting, my legs had no presence of that tingling feeling we want to avoid. It also has chevron ripping designed after the way trainers tape athletes’ legs to prevent shin splints. After walking all day through the Zurich Christmas, I felt no pain even though I just happened to have gotten shin splints my last trip.

This is a great addition for the person who spends a great deal of time on an airplane and then is constantly on the go once they get to their destination.

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