When not to Non-Rev

I was just in Italy talking to the crew that brought my flight in. The Captain of the inbound flight tried to have his wife Non-Rev with him because the flight was wide open. They even check the flight the day before. The day of the flight, the flight was oversold. The captain asked the gate agent what happen to the loads. She said the airlines have a new airline policy on selling tickets which basically negates all our pass privileges.

When a flight has open seats a day or two before a flight to Europe, the DEEPLY discount them to fill up the seat. The prices are so low, they can’t afford to pay the commission on other web pages so you have to go directly to the airline’s website. How low are the prices? He was told $600 round trip to Italy. But it gets worse.

The person who paid $600 for his ticketed volunteered to give up his seat because the flight was oversold. He received a $200 voucher, accommodations for the night, and positive space, wait for it…, in First Class. Let me beat this dead horse. This person paid $400 round trip to Italy…in First Class. Just throw out those buddy passes now.

So if you are planning to non-rev this summer to Europe, think again. But there is a solution. Go to … to find out.

The Solution to this summer’s Non-Rev Crisis

The  beauty of this is we can use it to our advantage. If you would like to non-rev somewhere and see the flight you want is wide open, watch it like a hawk. If it stays open, the day or two before go to the airline’s public website and check out the prices. If they are rock bottom, buy them.

This next part depends on your flexibility. When you go to airport to catch your flight, talk to the gate agent, show them your badge and see if they are buying people off. And be very nice about it. If they are, tell them you would like to be on the list. If not, you may get the upgrade if there is room and you are nice. My secret is chocolate, works every time.

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