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There is always confusion on my trips what we should tip. Those I fly with are perplexed that tipping more may mean worse service. They get angry whe they get the “ugly American” lable for trying to show there appreciation. My thought is, if I spend less money and everyone is happy, what’s the problem. So for those who want to save money on tipping overseas, here is the standard which is verified by Travel and Liesure Magazine.

United States and Canada – 15 to 20%, but more for great service especially if you are a regular and want to be treated like a king.
Restaurants – at least 15%, 17%-20% is the norm.
Bars – 10-15% or $1 for a beer, $2 for a cocktail

Central and South America – Service is different. In the US speed is wanted, in Latin America not being disturbed is cherished. If you keep snapping your fingers yelling garcon, well lets just say the service will go down from there.
Restaurants – Check for a service charge. If none, give 10-15%.
Bars – 10% at bars that serve food, none and bars that only servedrinks.

Mexico and the Caribbean – Tip like in the US but expect service like South America.
Restaurants – 15-20% but watch for the service fee.
Bars – 10-15% or $1 for a beer, $2 for a cocktail.

Europe – Wait staff are paid full salaries so rounding up to 5% is accepted. But watch out for the 10% service fee. In eastern Europe, tip in cash if possible.
Restaurants – 5-10% AT YOUR DESCRETION. Check for service fee.
Bars – round up to the next Euro if service is good.

Asia – It’s something new to them. Japan does not expect it and they like for you to pay at the register.
Restaurants -10% charge is already added, round up for great service.
Bars – Not really done.

Africa and the Middle East – Not realy accepted and privacy is considered better service than hanging on the customer.
Restaurants – Check for that service fee, 10% is good enough.
Bars – 10%

To see individual countries, check out the country pages at . And please don’t make us look bad by tipping to much 😉

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