Stuttgart Travel Deals

Looking for Non Rev Travel Deals in the Holiday Season?  Why not go to place where the Christmas Market is defined. It is one of the cheap deals, free. Thats right, a free attraction in Europe. It’s to find a better travel deal than that.  

Here is the Granddaddy of all the Christmas Markets! The Stuttgart Christmas market is so good, people from all over Europe go here by car, plane, even bus tours. It is huge and takes all day to go through. People shop during the day, eating and drinking as they go, then relax at night watching the people go by, even ice skating. The shops are full of handmade wooden crafts like Christmas Ornaments, Nutcrackers, and Nativity Scenes. Germany considers this the jewel of all their Christmas Market.

Once the sun sets, the food booths have a variety of winter treats. Besides the spiced wine, Christmas beers, and bratwursts, you can get the traditional Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes. This is the best way to have dinner with all the decorations, lights, and shoppers.

To find more information this Christmas Market and other free attractions, go to . They also have information on other Christmas Markets around Europe as well as the world.

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