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Save 121 Pounds on London Hotels

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

On my last trip to London, actually a suburb of London, I found a way to save over 100 Pounds on a hotel room. The trick, stay close to the airport, use the Train.

There is a pass you can buy at the train station for a little over 15 Pounds that allows for all day travel on all trains, buses, and the Tube. So I did some research. I looked up a hotel at the airport. I picked a Four Star for about 73 Pounds. Then I picked a Four Star in London by the attractions that would allow you to see the sights in walking distance for 209 Pounds. So for the math, 209-(73+15)=121.

And lets face it, if you go to England, you are not just going to London, you are going to visit Bath, Stonehenge, and maybe Oxford. So why have to go back to an expensive hotel every night?

But here is the most important question nobody ever asks themselves and always gives them the most trouble. How am I going to deal with the London traffic to get to my flight home? It is so easy to walk from the hotel or take the courtesy car to your flight instead of dealing with a bus or a train. Did I mention you save 121 Pounds?

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The best Indian Food in London

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I had a layover in Crawley, just outside London which made me have a taste for the best food in England, Indian. It amazes me how good Indian food in England is so I am constantly looking for new places to recommend. I know, it’s a hard life. I saw a flyer in the ready room before my flight that said Saffron Lounge was rated 5 out of 5 stars and thought, “I’ll be the judge of that.

When the crew met up to debrief before we went out to have dinner, I told several of the crew I was going to try Indian. They knew I get the best tips but they wanted to stay at the hotel lounge and have the happy hour deal. BIG mistake. The Captain wanted to get out and said he would come with me but he didn’t like spicy food. I said we could handle that.

When we got to the restaurant, it was early and quite dead. I thought that I had made a mistake and the Captain was starting to dought my decision. The interior was very hip and very expensive looking so I grabed the menu to make sure the prices ween’t out of our leage. To my surprise, the meals started at 8 pounds so I fealt better.Both uf us ordered lamb, his was grilled and mine was stewed. I got a bowl of rice for another 2 pounds.

They brought us the meals with extra plates so we could share. This was a great Idea and another reason I love Indian Restaurants. The food was remarkable with a wonderful taste. Even thoug they were both lamb, each was so unique it was like eating totally different types of meat. When we finished up the meal, I had to say it was the best Idian I had ever eaten. The Captain said the same. This dosen’t mean I will stop looking, it just means I have another Great London Restaurant to add to

Free Attraction In London,British Museum

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

One of the Great Free Attractions is the British Museum. It is arguably the best museum in the world because of its ability to get many works on loan from around the word. The number of pieces here can not be covered in 2 days, not to mention a single day. So even if you get to London and the weather is its World Famous Foggy, you can enjoy this jewel for FREE. To see more Deals on London, go to