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Saving Money on Rental Cars

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

So now you have used tools like the one at to get the cheapest deals on a rental car. But there is even more you can do to save money with this type of transportation. Most of these things deal with your driving habits. Here are some to help save more money.

The first great tip is to reduce the weight of the vehicle. As stated in the blog on C5 Corvette Top 3 Free Performance Tips , reducing weight can increase performance by 3%. This also means that you increase your gas mileage 3% by reducing weight by 100 pounds. The simplest way is to not fill up the tank. Only buy what you need to get to your next destination. Every 6 gallons mean one pound. 5.6 extra gallons in the tank makes a 1% increase in mileage.

Next, is how you drive the rental car. Do not idle the car long after starting, over 30 seconds is a waste. Avoid jack-rabbit starts, pushing the accelerator more than one quarter travel waste fuel. Don’t start and stop needlessly, each minute at idle wastes as much gas as starting the engine. Finally, don’t rev the engine because it wastes fuel and does undo ware to the engine.

With these tips and the money you saved on rental car site, you should be able to save lots of money on your next trip.