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Monday, September 7th, 2009

THE ROME REPORT: written by Liza Salvatore (Roman historian/Papal scholar)

SAVE MONEY IN ROME AT CAFE`S. If getting a coffee on Via Veneto or some other tourist spot in Rome, keep in mind that your coffee at the stand up bar is 1/4th the price of the same coffee if you sit down at a table and order it from a waiter. This is especially important on Via Veneto where a coffee/espresso can cost you 4-5 Euro/$6.00.

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Sting Operation in Rome at Restaurants

Friday, August 28th, 2009

THE ROME REPORT: written by Liza Salvatore (Roman historian/Papal scholar)

You can get fined in Rome if you have the  wrong Reciept for your meal.

Look to see if the restaurant is giving you an official receipt known as a ricevuta fiscale which has the proprietor’s social security number, etc. IF it does not, it means that they are not paying taxes on what they have charged you so don’t feel obligated to leave anything more than a few coins. I would suggest in any case that you get a “ricevuta fiscale” an official receipt because you are in danger of being caught in a sting with the Guardia di Finanza who may think you are colluding with the restaurant to help them avoid paying income tax. YOU are required to have a ricevuta fiscale when you walk out of a restaurant, a store, a coffee house and may be asked to provide it if the Guardia di Finanza is spot checking.

Tipping in Italy

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

THE ROME REPORT: written by Liza Salvatore (Roman historian/Papal scholar)

Generally, Italians leave about 5% tip on their bills for a tip in a trattoria or average restaurant, but this depends on wether there is “pane e coperto– bread and cover” already added to the bill or if they have charged your group a “servizio”. The bread and cover should no longer be charged as it was done away with when the currency changed from the lira to the euro BUT almost all restaurants still do it and Italians don’t challenge them because they want to return to that restaurant again. You decide if you want to challenge the “pane & coperto” charge. If you do so, do it in a “gee, I thought it had been done away with” and see what they say.

Top 20 Free Attractions in Rome

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

There are several thing in Rome you can do on your vacation for free. You don’t need to pay any money to enjoy the rich history of Rome. Here are the top 20;
1) Vatican Museums – FREE – on the last Sunday of the month.
2) St Peter’s Square
3) Pantheon – FREE
4)Theater of Pompeus/ Da Pancrazio – FREE
5) Luigi Pigorini Museum of Prehistory and Ethonography – FREE
6) Via Ostiense Museum – FREE
7) Historic Museum of the Liberation – FREE
8) Numismatic Museum of the Italian Mint – FREE
9) City of Fire – FREE
10) MARCO Future – FREE
11) Trevi Fountain – FREE
12) Spanish Steps – FREE
13) Piazza Navona – FREE
14) Piazza Compo del Flori – FREE
15) Scala Santa, Holy Staircase – FREE
16) Trestevere – FREE
17) Aula Ottaganale – FREE
18) Galleria Nationale de San Luca – FREE
19) Casina di Raffaello – FREE
20) Bocca della Verita – FREE

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Secret to Getting the Most out of the Vatican Museum FOR FREE

Friday, April 24th, 2009

No, you don’t have to pretend to be the Pope to get into the Vatican Museum for free. This museum with thousands of masterpieces worth millions is free of charge to those who can read a calendar. If you go the last Sunday of the Month, all the areas are free. This includes the Sistine Chapel with the remarkable ceiling. But there is still one problem that I have the tip for solving.
The Problem is there is too much to see in one day. There are so many rooms that if you tried to soak it all in, you would never see the last and most important piece, the Sistine Chapel. A person who worked in the Vatican and is now a Tour Guide told me the secret. When you enter go all the way through the Museum and as you walk notice what catches your eye.
This solution has you go all the way through getting an overview of the Museum with plenty of time to view and absorb the Sistine Chapel which is really why you go here to begin with. Then if you have time left, you can go back through and look more closely at the things that caught your attention. And if the line to get in is very long, this secret could save you wasting time and missing Michelangelo’s masterpiece.
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The World’s First Lie Detector

Friday, April 17th, 2009

If you remember the movie ‘Roman Holiday,’ you will remember Gregory Peck sticking his hand in an ancient Roman Marble relic. The reason for this was the legend that if someone told a lie while their hand was in there, it would be amputated. The legend is true and you can see it for free to this day.
In reality, ancient manhole cover, but it is reality an ancient lie detector. The real legend is that Roman wives brought their husbands here and told them to put their hand in the mouth while asking them if they were faithful. If they lied they lost that limb.
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Where the World Changed Forever for FREE

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

With it being Easter, I thought it might be appropriate to point out the place where the world changed, literally. Scala Santa houses the Holy Staircase. These are the step Jesus Christ climbed to be sentenced to be crucified by Pontius Pilate.
These steps where brought to Rome from Jerusalem in 326 by Constantine’s Mother. The stairs are covered in wood for protection, but in you want to go up on your knees, you can actually be on the spot that Jesus took to be condemned to death.
Think about that. For free you can be in exact spot where the wheels were set in motion to change history forever. No mater what your religion, I think you can appreciate that.
Of course there are other places in Rome where history was changed forever, such as the place Caesar was killed. To see them all, go to the Rome section of See more free attractions from around the world at

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Where Caesar was Killed

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Did you ever wonder where Julius Caesar was killed? It was not at the front of the Roman Forum. He was assassinated in the Theater of Pompey, where the Roman Senate was meeting temporarily while the old Senate House (a.k.a. “Curia”) in the Roman Forum was being reconstructed under Caesar’s orders as Dictator.

That’s why the surviving Senate House in the Forum is called the Curia Julia,  it’s the one that Julius Caesar founded and completed by his nephew/heir Octavian Caesar (later the Emperor Augustus) after he consolidated his power following the assassination and subsequent Civil War. It is amazing that it has survived to this day, relatively intact.

The Theater of “Pompeus” had a special Curia where Senators would meet to discuss politics, and this is where Brutus acted on the “Ides of March.” There is a Restaurant over the spot which they will let you see the exact spot. This is a great place to eat and experience history.

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Free Food in Rome

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Rome has several Restaurants that are very successful at trapping unsuspecting tourists to overpaying. One of their tactics is to put wine, appetizers, and even bread at your table as soon as you sit down without even asking you. This practice leads the tourist to believe the food is complimentary until the bill arrives and they have to pay for the bread that was placed on thier table.

Other Restaurants, like Artu behide the Church of Santa Maria, actually give out free food at their Happy Hour. The spread is extensive with olives, pasta, and antipasta. People have been know to eat at this Happy Hour and not have to go to dinner afterwards. This is a rare find and something that can save your travel budget. Video of Artu

So if you happen the be in the city of Rome, Check out Artu. And if you do plan to go to  Happy Hour at Artu, Plan to  get there when it starts, at 7:00 PM. If you are late, you will miss some great food that is Free.

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