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NonRev Dream; Free Tour in Budepest for Free Stuff

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I just took the FREE Budapest walking tour and it was great! Not only was it free, it told me where to go for free, where to eat for less, and most importantly, how to avoid admission fees. This is a dream if you non-rev or layover in Budapest. The tour lasts at least 2.5 hours and in there is a talk at the end of the tour on what the local people really eat, hint goulash isn’t one of them, where the nightlife is, and much more. A word of warning, the people are young and fit and the tour has a great deal of walking.

When we started the tour at Saint Stephens Square, her first tip was a great one. Our tour guide told us to ask local people under 25 questions because they speak English. She then told us the history and architecture of St. Stephens and how some say it has the best view of the city and for 3 Euros you can see for yourself. Later she showed us a better view for free. We went through a park to explain the new craze in Europe that started in Hungary and then the long walk to the palace. Along the way our guide told us about the history of this great country. We went past St Matyas Church and was told how to get in for free. Like my mother she said “go to Mass!’ If you want answers to the tip deals, you will just have to take the tour. And if that doesn’t entice you, how about finding out why the genitals on the statue of a warrior’s house are shiny.

I have been on several other free walking tours in Munich, Dublin, Paris and this one was even better because it described what to do to save money when touring the city. This is a great help to those on a budget. Even though the young people flock to this tour, there is something here for everyone. Would I do it again? I would and I will soon on the Free Communist Walk and the Free Jewish District and Best Pubs Tour. Stay tuned.

Terrabella, Tour in Italy

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Did you ever wonder how the Coliseum got its name? Or why Mussolini created a road to the Coliseum and the significance of the road’s name? Most tour services can point out the sites and give a brief overview, but few can give incite to the attractions’ significance to history or mythology like Terrabella and its founder Liza Salvatore. Video exerp of Rome

LIZA SALVATORE, is principal and founder of TerraBella Services. She is italian-born and U.S. educated. She founded TerraBella to share her love and knowledge of Lazio–the historically important region which encompasses Rome, where the seats of the Roman Empire and Papal States once stood, and where Italy’s modern government and Vatican City State now stand.

Her thorough knowledge of the language and cultures of both Italy and the Unites States makes her uniquely qualified create cultural programs for those who want to immerse themselves in the history, the art, the culture, the cuisine of Lazio. For those wanting a true immersion into the Italian culture, Liza can assist you in locating a home to rent or purchase.

TerraBella’s other service providers includes an array of people who will make your Italian immersion truly a memorable one:

Award-winning regional Chefs and Wine Experts who will conduct cooking courses
Regional Artists & Artisans
Dance Instructors
Historians and Guides
Architects, geometras, lawyers, notaios and designer for those of you wanting to purchase and remodel a house in this fast growing Region.
Olive oil, Wine and cheese producers

Keep coming back to this post to find out more tips on Roman attractions and story behind them.