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Ultimate Interactive NonRev Checklist

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Did you ever have that sinking feeling when you reached your destination that you had forgotten to pack something, and it was a major item? That is why created the Interactive NonRev Checklist. Several years of travel experience has gone into this tool to guarantee nothing is forgotten. A great feature about this checklist is….it’s interactive. As you put items into your suitcase, you can check them off the list.

The Interactive NonRev Checklist is divided into 5 sections so as to not miss anything. The first section is Must Need NonRev Stuff. As the name implies, these are the tools you must have when traveling standby. It includes links to tools like a NonRev Timetable for all the world’s airlines and most trains. .

The next section is Must Need Stuff. This is also a great checklist if you are working a trip or not NonReving. It includes the basics like passport, drivers license, travel clock, etc. . It even has links to sites that help you get your passports replaced if you lose them, they expire, or you run out of room for stamps

Next there is a section on First Aid Supplies. Items such as Dramamine, Pepto Bismol, asprin….etc. It also contains items active people need on adventure vacations like BandAids and after bite salve.

Then there is the Hygiene Supplies section. All the things you need to stay clean. This includes all the things you would expect, but also includes what you might not think of, but you can’t live without if you go on a safari for example. These include tissues and toilet paper.

Finally there is an Other section. It contains the things you might not have thought of and were not covered in the other sections.

NonReving is difficult enough without forgetting something you really need. This Interactive checklist has been designed to eliminate that problem. There is even a mobile version of the Interactive NonRev Checklist allowing users to take the checklist on their phones. Enjoy this new tool and never have that sinking feeling again.

Top 5 Cheap Food and Drinks in Washington DC

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Washington D.C. has many free attractions but when it comes to food, it is very expensive… until now.

There are several places that have cheap food in DC. The great news is that a few of them are chains located throughout the area, and we are not just talking about McDonalds. Here is a short list of the places to find meals around $5

Ben’s Chile Bowl – Famous chili half smoke is just $5.20
Julia Empanadas – Freshly-baked empanadas are served for less than $5
On the Fly – Eco-friendly SmartKarts. Pulled chicken sandwiches start at just $5.
Chinatown Express – A big bowl for under $5.
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant – Airline Employees get 25% off Food.

But there is also places to get cheap drinks. These places have drinks for under $5. They are only available at Happy Hour, so check out their sites.

PS 7 – Beer of the day for $3, its red, white and sparkling wine of the day for just $4
Lotus Lounge –  Beer, wine, sushi rolls and dumplings are just $5 during happy hour Tuesday through Saturday.
If you are looking for a snack to tie you over to dinner, there are a few place to go to.
Johnny’s Half Shell – mini-burgers and mini Asian tuna sandwiches are just $2.50, fried oysters and gumbo are $6 each during happy hour.
Cafe Asia – Happy Hour Sushi $1
Click on the name of the bar to find out what are the Cheap Food in DC Deals. There you will find the type of food, the time it is available, and the location hyperlinked to a google map for ease of use.
So enjoy your night out and why not follow up your Cheap DC Dinner with a DC Free Attraction? See those at .

Lewis and Clark Universal 4 in 1 Adapter Plug

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I was in the Crew Out Fitters Store when I asked what new stuff was in to try. My ears perked up when they said they had a compact electrical adapter. ! have a big bag with all the adapters I need when I travel. Here is another tool I can use that saves space in my suitcase. Not only that, but it has a surge protector and an indicator of the voltage , 110 or 220. This is important to me because I use this for my computer.

I added up all the features in my head and calculated it was cheaper to buy this product than to get all the separate items, which I had done. So I told them I would try it on my next trip which was to London. I had problems with that countries adapters working properly. I sometimes would ask the hotel desk to borrow one only to find they didn’t have one to give. This was very serendipitous.

When I got the room in London, I was eager to get my emails so I pulled out the Lewis and Clark adapter. It extended the contacts and folded out the ground. This concerned me because it was my last adapter was difficult to fit in the outlet because the ground had issues. To my surprise, it slipped right in perfectly. I was getting excited on how well this was working.

The next thing I noticed was the lights on adapter for protection.. I had heard several crew members whose converters received surges in the older establishments we stay in. More then that, I heard horror stories of people frying their computers because it was 220 volts instead of 110. Then I saw the other light on the adapted which indicated only 110 volts. It seamed this was the perfect product who wanted to do work on their computer when they are on the road, like me. Whether it is putting the dels I found on my website, , or finding what the weather and delays I will be posting on twitter.

I really like this product for it ease of use, its compact size, and the protection of my computer. The more products I use from Crew Outfitters, the more space I seam to have in my bag. Right now, I highly recommend this product, but I am not completely convinced. So I am going to use it on several trips and tell you how it is doing. So stay tuned for the next country I use the Lewis and Clark Universal 4 in 1 plug.

At 10% off at Crew Outfitters, they are lower then any other place I have found on the web. If you would like to purchase a pair, go to Crew Outfitters and use the promo code LW15.

But don’t take my word this is the best deal on the web, search the web for yourself. Just put in Lewis and Clark Adapter Plug in my custom search engine, programmed to find deals, and see what you get.

Save 121 Pounds on London Hotels

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

On my last trip to London, actually a suburb of London, I found a way to save over 100 Pounds on a hotel room. The trick, stay close to the airport, use the Train.

There is a pass you can buy at the train station for a little over 15 Pounds that allows for all day travel on all trains, buses, and the Tube. So I did some research. I looked up a hotel at the airport. I picked a Four Star for about 73 Pounds. Then I picked a Four Star in London by the attractions that would allow you to see the sights in walking distance for 209 Pounds. So for the math, 209-(73+15)=121.

And lets face it, if you go to England, you are not just going to London, you are going to visit Bath, Stonehenge, and maybe Oxford. So why have to go back to an expensive hotel every night?

But here is the most important question nobody ever asks themselves and always gives them the most trouble. How am I going to deal with the London traffic to get to my flight home? It is so easy to walk from the hotel or take the courtesy car to your flight instead of dealing with a bus or a train. Did I mention you save 121 Pounds?

To see more deals and free stuff in England, go to the London version of To see more Free stuff from around the world, go to

Chicago’s Crown Jewel FOR FREE

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Chicago is now known for another landmark, the Bean. This sculpture is so engrained in the city’s persona, it real name has fallen by the wayside. This is the spirit of Chicago, and the spirit of Millinium Park.

Millenium park is the crown jewel of the city. It represents the attitude of the mayor’s vision to bring the city into the future. Not only is the bean part of the park, but so are futuristic fountains that squirt water from mouths of images of actual people. Besides that are art exhibits of unique sculptures, all for free. If you happen to have children, there is an area dedicated jst for them.

This free attraction in Chicago apitimized the new vibrence of the city. To pass this FREE attraction up is not frugal at all.
See more free attractions at Nonrevwebsite Chicago Attraction. See more free attractions from arond the world at Nonrevwebsite.

Best Food Deals in Chicago

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Chicago is a tough place t find cheap food, but if you are persistent you can find food for $2. And if you found this article, you are persistence and it will know pay off.
The cheapest I found was $2 Sliders. The best I found was $2.95 slices of pizza. Here is the list we found… for now;

$2 Sliders – LaSalle Power Company
$2.95 Pizza – Pompei
$5 Fish and Chips – Butch McGuire
$5 Burgers – Citizen Bar

Now these specials are on certain days of the week. That is why you need to click on the names above to get more information. Besides the day, you will get the location of the restaurant.
So enjoy the cheap food in Chicago. If you find anything better, tell us. If you want to find deals like this or better, tell us at

Tipping in Italy

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

THE ROME REPORT: written by Liza Salvatore (Roman historian/Papal scholar)

Generally, Italians leave about 5% tip on their bills for a tip in a trattoria or average restaurant, but this depends on wether there is “pane e coperto– bread and cover” already added to the bill or if they have charged your group a “servizio”. The bread and cover should no longer be charged as it was done away with when the currency changed from the lira to the euro BUT almost all restaurants still do it and Italians don’t challenge them because they want to return to that restaurant again. You decide if you want to challenge the “pane & coperto” charge. If you do so, do it in a “gee, I thought it had been done away with” and see what they say.

Free Patriotic Tours in Boston

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

One of the best Free Attractions in Boston for Independence Day is the Freedom Trail. It is also the Best Free Tour in Boston

It is marked by a red line on the sidewalk. It takes you to all the historical places around Boston. More importantly, it’s free! Download the MP3 version of the tour for free too.

This is one of this summer’s best Boston Free Attractions and one of the best 4th of July free Attractions.

Visit the Boston section of for more Boston deals . For more Free Attractions around the world, got to .

Search Engine Paris

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

The custom search engines that only need one engine to find deals in a Paris is complete. The custom search engine already have key words like ”Free” and “Deals” programmed into them, plus a few others that were found through over 20 years of airline experience and programming experimentation.

The result is a Custom Search Engine for Paris with the power of Google and the experience of now you can put in one word like ‘Museums’ and find the free museums or their deals on the first results page, not buried on page 43 of 10,000.

This tool will free up time when you are trying to save money on your next layover or vacation.

Swine Flu, What To Do – The Top 10

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

With the Swine Flu engulfing the world and the press spinning up hysteria to sell , it’s time to bring some sense to the Pandemic. I asked my wife, Who has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and is currently working in a hospital, what can individuals do to prevent getting Swine Flu.

First, Pandemic means it is spreading all over the world at once, not that we are all going to die from Swine Flu. Swine Flu has the same fatality rate as any other Flu we see every year. According to CNN, around 36,000 victims mostly the very old and the very young.

The big fear is that it will kill the young and strong which many are going back to the last pandemic to prove their point. What they forget to say is the last pandemic was around 1910 and we have learned much since then.

Next, good personal hygiene will help you prevent the Swine Flu and help recover if you get it. Covering your mouth, washing you hands is essential. Here are the top 10


1) Wash your hands, this simple task is ‘Number One’ because it works the best

2) Cover your mouth when you cough, this is more to prevent the spread

3) Cover Nose when you sneeze , see Number Two

4) Then, Wash your hands. Bacterial Soap will do no better than regular soap because this disease is Viral

5) Carry Hand cleansing lotion. It works great when you are not near a sink.

If you Get the Flu

1) Stay Home and get plenty of rest

2) If a family member has the Flu, Stay home.

3) Drink Fluids, keep yourself from getting dehydrated

4) Manage symptoms; if you have a headache, take medicine

5) Try to take Flu Medicines at the onset of symptoms to reduce the severity

So don’t panic, use common sense and we will all get through this.