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Free In Zurich – The Zurich Toy Museum

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Zurich is an expensive city where everything seems to cost something to enter. But unknown to the average traveler, there are things to do in this city that are absolutely free. One of the is the Zurich Toy Museum. Video of the Zurich Toy Museum.
The Zurich Toy Museum has toys from the 18th to the 20th Century. What struck me was the intricacy of the toy trains and other mechanical devices. It is as if the took a full scale train and shrunk it. These toys actually work on the same power source as the full size locomotive. There are also dolls and stuffed animals on display. The most interesting is the Teddy Bear that was sold when Teddy Roosevelt ran for office.
Located in downtown Zurich, the museum is easy to get to and worth a look. This museum may even bring back memories of your own childhood. To see more details on this museum as well as other free things to do in Zurich, go to the Zurich Section of . To see more free thing from around the world, go to