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Madrid Free Attractions and Cheap Food

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Museo Del Jambon in Madrid, or as the crews calls it, Museum of Ham, is the cheapest restaurant we have found. A 10 ounce beer is.7 Euro and a sandwich is .5 Euro. But the cheapest deal is 9 Euro for a Pichure of Sangria, a pitcher of beer, and four taps plates. This is enough for four people. It is an incredible deal for Europe, let alone Spain. NonRev would like to that for this great tip. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

For those of you who want American fast food in Madrid, Burger King has a happy meal for you. They serve 12 ounce beers in their establishment that cost 2 Euro and can be substituted in the value meal. The only problem is you can’t supersize it. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

Free Attractions in Madrid

Madrid has some great museums that are free. The only catch is that you have to know the days and/or the times. One of the best is the Muse Del Prado. Spain’s most popular tourist sight a The Museo del Prado is Spain’s premier art gallery, housing the finest works of art Spain has ever produced. See more free stuff at Free Madrid Attractions .

Victory in Europe WWII

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

On May 8th, 1945, World War II ended in Europe. If you are wondering where to go, Manchester might be a great choice to discover how the war was won. There you will find the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. They have the first Computer with an electronic memory designed by one of the geniuses that broke the Nazi Enigma code, Alan Turing. Every Tuesday, they fire it up and demonstrate how it works. This would be fascinating enough, but the college students who worked with Alan Turing building this incredible machine are there running it. Not only can you get first hand information on how it was designed, but you can find out about the man who was the genius at England’s best kept secret, Bletchly Park.

To see a video of how the machine works, watch this nonrev video. To see more free things to do in Manchester, go to Nonrev Manchester Blog.

Not only does the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry have computers, it has airplanes too. From the Japanese suicide rocket airplane, and the Cherry Blossom, to the Avro Shackelton, the successor to the Lancaster. On Tuesdays, veterans of the Royal Air Force man the museum to explain the collection to visitors. This is another great opportunity to talk to those who made military history. We even go a tour of the inside of the aircraft, see Nonrev Video. To see more deals like these, go to Nonrev Manchester.

See more deals around the world at

Paris – The City of Love

Monday, March 19th, 2012

What could be more romantic than going to Paris and hitting the most romantic sights in the city? If you really want to impress the one you love, take him/her to one of these places and get your hearts racing and save some money for a present. (hint, women like jewlery.)  To see all there is to do in Paris, go to  Nonrev Paris . To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

The Pedestrian Bridge in the last episode of “Sex and the City.”

Guys, here’s a big hint. Women love “Sex and the City.” If you want to impress her, go right to where ‘Mr. Big’ committed to Carrie. The place is a bridge that is called Pont des Arts, or the Pedestrian Bridge and crosses the river to the Louvre. The thing that even the biggest fans of the series don’t know……. Lovers go to this bridge with a padlock and its 2 keys, write their names on the lock, and lock it to the bridge. Each takes one of the keys and throws it into the river symbolizing their love for each other. Do this and she will never forget it or you!. Check out the video at: .


Moulin Rouge

There is the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ about tragic and romantic love, and then there is the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge which still exists and is located here in Paris.  The famous “Can-Can” was first performed and continues to be performed at the Moulin Rouge. There is more to the show than the “Can-Can”!  Make sure you get tickets early because this is a very popular spot. They do have topless costumes so don’t be too surprised.

To see all there is to do in Paris, go to Nonrev Paris . To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

Crazy Horse, Burlesque

If you really want to really treat your Valentine, a very classy way to go is the World Famous Crazy Horse. This is a very sophisticated burlesque show. This show was brought to Las Vegas to show the US how a production with beautiful women should look like. Even though the women are nude, the choreography is what the patrons come to see. Click here to see the show (Adult Content.)

To see all there is to do in Paris, go to Nonrev Paris. To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

Free Manchester England

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We have found several new attractions in Manchester for you, and they are all FREE. We have listed several below. There are also several more that are already on the site at Nonrev Manchester.

Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery cares for the city’s internationally renowned and designated collections of fine art, decorative art and costume, see history of the collections for more information. They also run an ambitious program of temporary exhibitions and displays, public events and education programs. See more FREE Manchester Museums .

The Lowry

As you’d expect, nowhere else in the world can match their Galleries for their vast and fascinating range of LS Lowry’s work which changes with each exhibition. However, there’s much, much more, with enticing displays of contemporary and historical art in their three exciting spaces. See more at Manchester FREE Museums .


Urbis is an exhibition centre about city life. On your visit you can explore exhibitions about contemporary art & design, the city environment and the people who make our cities what they are. See more Manchester Museums at  Manchester FREE Museums .

Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery is part of the University of Manchester. It is home to some of the UK’s finest collections of art and design including modern and historic fine art, prints, textiles and a rare collection of wallpapers. See more Manchester Museums at See more at Manchester FREE Museums .

Vegas Baby

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Don’t know where to go or what to do for Valentines Day? Why not go to a place that has all the romantic hot spots in the world rolled into one, Las Vegas. Where else can you go Paris one night, the Venice the next? Ride on a gondola then go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Vegas has it all for her and for him. It can all be done on a budget too, just go to our Las Vegas Nonrev Page.


Vegas is known for its ability to take places from around the world, or existed in time, and bring them to life on the strip. What could be more romantic then Paris? And… no worries about the language barrier! You can take your special someone to sip wine in a French café on a Paris street in spring. Then go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and get one of the best views of Vegas. (This is a great place to give jewelry). The Parisian allows you to do all these things and more. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page.

Venetian, Gondola Rides

Another romantic country, Italy, and one of its most romantic cities, Venice. The canals bring visions of gondolas being navigated by singing boaters while resting lovers enjoy the day. Yes, this too is available in Vegas at the Venetian, and the temperature is always perfect with no chance of rain. A great treat for you and your valentine before a romantic Italian dinner with a great bottle of wine. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page

Playboy Club

For the ladies who want to do something for their man, there is the Playboy Club. This icon of sex appeal is a great place to go. The Playboy Club will help get in the mood and he will never stop thanking you for this excursion. Just remember to pack the bunny ears. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page

Crazy Horse, Burlesque

If you want to really treat your Valentine, a very classy way to go is the World Famous Crazy Horse. This is a very sophisticated burlesque show. This show was brought to Las Vegas to show the US how a production with beautiful women should look like. Even though the women are nude, the choreography is what the patrons come to see. Click here to see the show (Nonrev Adult Content.)


Another tasteful show is Bite. Like Crazy Horse, it is a totally nude show. The difference is the performers go around the tables and through the audience. The show combines a play, magic, and aerial displays with music from the 70’s and 80’s. This is something you can do for your valentine to get the blood flowing. Click here to see the show (Nonrev Adult Content.)

Save Money, Top 10 Free Attractions in Athens

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Athens is the cradle of Democracy and all free people. In honor of these ideas being free, listed are some of the top Free Attractions in Athens. To see all the attractions, go to the NonRev Athens Page.


Athens has some great architecture, but one area is frozen in time. The Plaka has strict zoning laws which forbid any modern architecture so it appears as though it is 19th Century Greece. This area has hardly any cars, and is one of the most picturesque places in Greece. Definitely worth wandering around for a while. To see details on free attractions in Greece, go to the Things to do in Athens Section.  


All Men are by Nature Equal…

‘All men are by nature equal, made all of the same earth by one Workman; and however we deceive ourselves, as dear unto God is the poor peasant as the mighty prince.This quote was first said in Plato’s Academy by the master of Philosophy himself. Where would we all be if he did not have the wisdom and courage to say these words? Plato’s Academy is still accessible to the public, and it is FREE.  Plato himself would have wanted this way. The fact that ideas are free is proof enough. To see details on free attractions in Greece, go to the Things to do in Athens Section.    


Best Gyros…According to the Greek Prime Minister

I didn’t believe this myself until I went there. I heard the Prime Minister and his followers go to Spiros Bairaktaris. When I found the place I asked a waiter. He pointed to a group and said that was the Prime Ministers Brother, and he has holding court. The price of a Gyro to go was around 1.7 Euro. It was very large and good enough for a meal. If you sit down, the cost is higher. To find more information, go to the NonRev Snacks in Greece section.


See more free attractions in Greece at the Greece section of NonRevWebsitecom. To see more free attractions from around the world, go to

4th of July Free Attractions in Boston

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The ‘One if by land, two if by sea.’ signal is said to have been sent from Christ Church at Boston’s North End. There are so many things about freedom that are free in Boston, that a trip here should not “tax” your visit. There is even a free Tour, Free NonRev Tours in Boston . A few of the free attractions are listed below.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…
Well, everyone may not know your name, but it is still free to see where one of the best TV sit-coms got its inspiration. Why not have a beer at Sam Malone’s bar and get a souvenir? NonRev Drinks in Boston .

Worlds Oldest Commissioned Warship Afloat
This ship is one of six original frigates authorized for construction in 1794, and was commissioned by George Washington in 1797. The ships were the biggest and best armed for their time. Her first assignment was against the Barbary Pirates of France. Click to find more Free Things To Do in Boston .

Where The Revolutionary War Started
‘Don’t shoot until you see the white’s of their eyes’! Sound familiar? It is attributed to The Battle at Bunker Hill. A giant monolith, the Bunker Hill Monument and Museum is dedicated to those who stood up to fight tyranny and free all mankind from the chains of monarchy. It is an obelisk, like the Washington Monument, because the founders of the US believed it should be patterned after Ancient Greece and Rome. This is why the US calls itself a Republic. See more free attractions in Boston at the Boston section of NonRevWebsitecom. To see more free attractions from around the world, go to

Escape the Snow in St. Lucia

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

This winter I tried out an all inclusive hotel for our family vacation in St Lucia. Unfortunatly we were to leave one Snow-mageddon when the airlines cancelled all their flights. We got to St. Lucia, saw the sites, and enjoyed the sun This is how we did it in the worst snowstorm of the century.

Febuary 2nd was the day of the worst snowstorm Chicago had seen in years. It was so bad the airlines shut almost all operation for that day. Luckily for my family, we were able to leave a day early. We purchased tickets on an airline instead of nonreving which is something many of us in the airlines are doing. The increase in taxes on our passes, blackout days, and extremely high load factors make it much more economical to buy tickets. But as I say, don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself at our Timetable

Our layover was in Miami so I called the Sheraton at the Miami Airport. I was able to get an airline discount on the room AND the staff was happy to drive us downtown to get a bite to eat. They were one of the best hotel staff I had the pleasure of meeting. The Hotel Staff suggested my family try Chilorio’s which is a great Mexican restaurant. It was very low key but the food and service was excellent. They also had free wifi so I was able to look up information for the next day of travel.

The Coconut Lodge has several crews that Layover and their crew rates are much lower than you could find on sites like Perx. The lodge has another great attribute, the is a family side and a couples side. The Family side has all you could want to entertain children from the standard zero depth pool to a “lazy river’, a water slide, and a kids club. The couples side had its own pool, spa and beach. Every night there was live entertainment from a steel drum band to a magician. There was also a talent night for guest and staff. There never was a night that there wasn’t anything to do. Even though the resort is on the southern tip of the island, removed from the towns, we didn’t feel the need to go into the town.

Volcano and Mud Bath for what ails you.

One of the places we did go to was the Volcano. Not only is it active, put there is a mineral bath that you can visit. The mineral bath is said to be able to relieve everything from arthritis to sunburn. It is also marketed as a mud bath that will make you look 10 years younger. The bath is heated by the volcano and the mud is actually volcanic ash. I met a man from Germany who said he spends his winters in St. Lucia and goes to the bath once a week. He swears by the bath and said his doctor can’t believe his improvement. Whether he was a plant or not I don’t know but I thought is was fun to visit.

Botanical Gardens

The other place we visited was the Botanical Gardens. Not only was there beautiful flowers, but a waterfall. There is also a mineral bath from another volcano. This bath boasts the Napoleon’s wife Josephine came her to bathe in the mineral water.

St. Lucia is a great place to go to avoid the cold and the snow. Now it is even more affordable with an all inclusive hotel that gives discounts to airline employees. The biggest problem now is how do you get there?  Use these tips to get the most out of your stay. To see more deals from around the world, go to

Like to Travel? Win $25

Monday, February 21st, 2011

It’s time for our annual Customer Appreciation Contest. As a thank you for your support of NonRev Website, we created a contest where the odds are in your favor. From now until March 31st, you can win a $25 Starbucks Card. All you have to do is tell all your friends about the NonRev Website Newsletter.

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Use the following link to register

Free Attraction – The First Human in Space

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first Human Being in Outer Space in the Vostok 1. He With this being the 50th anniversary of the first human to orbit the Earth, one of the best places to go to see what Russian Space Travel was like back then is at the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration under Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow. Although there are more artifacts at the Star City Cosmonaut Training Facility just outside Moscow, the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration is very convenient to get to, open to the public and very Cheap.

The Memorial Museum of Space Exploration is under the huge statue dedicated to flight in Cosmonaut Alley. Cosmonaut Alley was constructed in 1964. To celebrate the Soviet Union’s achievments in space. Here you will find Statues to several Causmonats as well as a statue of the “Chief Designer,” Sergey Korolyov who remained nameless until after his death. The centerpiece is a Vostok Roket on top of a 100 meter titanium exhaust plume. The gigantic base has a mural carved into it depicting all of the contributions made by the Soviet people comulating with Yuri Gagarin Stepping into his spacecraft. Enterence to the park is free and it is one of several Free Attractions in Moscow. To see more free attractions in Moscow, go to  .

The Memorial Museum of Space Exploration is an awesome underground complex with the complete history of Russian Space exploration, The museum has a large collection of rockets, capsules, satalites, rovers, space stations, even Lika, the first dog in space. It goes back to the beginings in the 1900s when Konstantin Tsiolkovsky mathematically described how to escape gravity and use multi-stage rockets fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen to travel to the stars before the Write Brothers Flew an Airplane. This museum is very new, reopened in 2009, and is very reasonable, around $3. You will not be disappointed by its 85,000 objects at this attraction. To see more information on the Russian Space Museum and other attractions in Mocscow, go to  .

So celebrate the first human in space by going to the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration. With so much to see and do, you could make a whole day of it. And while you are in Moscow, you can see the other Free Attactions.