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FREE National Real Time Screen Save

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

I have been using a tool to turn your unused computer screen into an amber alert system for critical weather. Simply put, it is a Screen Saver that when it is connected to the web, supplies real time text and images. The beauty of the software is that you do not have to be logged on to see the weather. Even better is that it can limit complete access to the computer so the weather images, which are updated to the second, can be displayed in less than a minute without the computer accessing other images or web sites.
It downloads into your Microsoft software screensaver so it is completely compatible with your PC. In fact, once you download the software, you go to the Microsoft Software’s display file and control the screen saver program from their menu. This allows you to set the amount of time that your computer is Idle before the Real Time Screen Saver appears.
But the real power of this tool is how it proactively delivers critical real time weather information without being intrusive. But another way, it is more proactive than an email that has to be opened, but not intrusive as a pop-up that interferes with your work. It also pushes images images right to the screen which is something text messages can’t do without clicking on the image.
If you would like to try this software FOR FREE, go to