Best Aviation Sunglasses Ever?

I had the opportunity to try the RayBan Aviator Sunglasses model 3025 . They where supplied by Crew Outfitters to see if they hold up and assist in flying from Atlanta to Prague.
The first thing I notice is how light and comfortable they are. They are not clucky or pinch. The metal frames rap around snugly and the ends are covered in a smooth material that doesn’t scratch. Another thing I liked is even wearing the largest most Vice-gripping headset supplied by my airline, the frames don’t ingrain themselves into my skull. This is great for the hours I will use a headset on my international trips.
The other things I like are how well they block glare and shade my eyes. The lenses cut glare so well I can see the runway at greater distances in bad visibility conditions. Another thing I like about the lenses is how dark they are. They block strong sunlight better than Serengetis. I didn’t need to double up on the glare shields with the bright morning sun at 35,000 feet. The lenses also covered the eye well not letting any sun in from the sides. These reasons make them a great safety tool for pilots.
Finally, they look good. The aviator’s style is timeless. The lenses do their job of blocking out the sun without being overbearingly large. The gold frames go well with my uniform. I like them as much now as the first pair I had 20 years ago.
I think the RayBan Aviator Sunglasses are a great value at $102.00. They give excellent comfort, spectacular glare and sun protection and look good.
At 15% off at Crew Outfitters, they are lower then any other place I have found on the web. If you would like to purchase a pair, go to Crew Outfitters and use the promo code LW15.

But don’t take my word this is the best deal on the web, search the web for yourself. Just put in RayBan 3025  in my custom search engine, programmed to find deals, and see what you get.

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