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December 18th, 2012

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Madrid Free Attractions and Cheap Food

October 23rd, 2012

Museo Del Jambon in Madrid, or as the crews calls it, Museum of Ham, is the cheapest restaurant we have found. A 10 ounce beer is.7 Euro and a sandwich is .5 Euro. But the cheapest deal is 9 Euro for a Pichure of Sangria, a pitcher of beer, and four taps plates. This is enough for four people. It is an incredible deal for Europe, let alone Spain. NonRev would like to that for this great tip. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

For those of you who want American fast food in Madrid, Burger King has a happy meal for you. They serve 12 ounce beers in their establishment that cost 2 Euro and can be substituted in the value meal. The only problem is you can’t supersize it. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

Free Attractions in Madrid

Madrid has some great museums that are free. The only catch is that you have to know the days and/or the times. One of the best is the Muse Del Prado. Spain’s most popular tourist sight a The Museo del Prado is Spain’s premier art gallery, housing the finest works of art Spain has ever produced. See more free stuff at Free Madrid Attractions .

Tipping Correctly and Frugally

October 11th, 2012

So after nonreving to that great destination or cruise, It seems like everywhere you go someone has their hand out looking for a tip. The question is how much will make them feel that they want to help you when you come back without spending all the money you saved. A while back we told you about what each country’s tipping philosophy  is, now we are going to break that down further for each service you may use. It is in dollars so you may have to convert the currency which we have on each individual Nonrev Pages.


Taxi 15% – This one shocked me. All these years I thought it was 20. Here is another tip to make sure they take the quickest route. Have a map out and ask questions. This will make them think you know where they are going and they won’t do anything to lose a tip.

Limo 20% – since you don’t pay them by the mile, the tip is dependent on the other services like how safely he drives and how prompt and polite. It also depends of any extra things he brings for you.

Bellhop/porter 1-2$ 2 for the heavy bags. This of course depends on the currency of the country. Those with a weaker one may expect your currency over theirs. Stay away from giving change in a foreign country. It is much harder for them to convert or for them to use.

Doorman 1$ for hailing a cab. If he just opens the door, a thank-you will do. If it is more than that, like holding an umbrella, getting a cart for your bags, or helping with bags, a tip is good manners.

Parking Valet – 2$ This tip is only paid on the return of your car, in good condition. If special care is required like with premium spot or if it is very expensive, 5-10$ for both dropping off and picking up.

Room service – The first thing to do is look for service charge. If there is already a charge, then you are not obligated. If there is some kind of set up or special handling you can’t do, then tip 15-20%.

Housekeeper – For extra soaps or folding towels into swans like on cruise, anything above and beyond, 1-2$. It is very important to put the gratuity in envelope clearly marked and sealed so there is no confusion.

Concierge – There is no tip for ordinary advice like directions or simple reservations. If they get a special reservation, then it is 5$. If it for hard to get tickets, it is 20$.

Pool attendant – No tip is needed unless extra service like reserving lounge chairs, lending reading material, inflating pool toys, or providing sunscreen. Then it is customary to tip 2-3$.

Tour guide – First check and see if a tip not included. If it is not, then a gratuity of 10 to 20% is customary. If it is an  all day tour $3 to 4$. If you are lucky enough to have a private tour, more is expected.

The other thing about tips is if you currency is stronger than theirs, it is fine to use you money. Just don’t give it to them in coins less then base currency. Giving 4 quarters in Haiti is useless because they have a problem exchanging it. A Dollar or Pound or Euro is accepted universally.

Victory in Europe WWII

April 17th, 2012

On May 8th, 1945, World War II ended in Europe. If you are wondering where to go, Manchester might be a great choice to discover how the war was won. There you will find the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. They have the first Computer with an electronic memory designed by one of the geniuses that broke the Nazi Enigma code, Alan Turing. Every Tuesday, they fire it up and demonstrate how it works. This would be fascinating enough, but the college students who worked with Alan Turing building this incredible machine are there running it. Not only can you get first hand information on how it was designed, but you can find out about the man who was the genius at England’s best kept secret, Bletchly Park.

To see a video of how the machine works, watch this nonrev video. To see more free things to do in Manchester, go to Nonrev Manchester Blog.

Not only does the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry have computers, it has airplanes too. From the Japanese suicide rocket airplane, and the Cherry Blossom, to the Avro Shackelton, the successor to the Lancaster. On Tuesdays, veterans of the Royal Air Force man the museum to explain the collection to visitors. This is another great opportunity to talk to those who made military history. We even go a tour of the inside of the aircraft, see Nonrev Video. To see more deals like these, go to Nonrev Manchester.

See more deals around the world at

Advisory from the United States Department of State

April 8th, 2012

This is directly from the Department of State. Although this applies directly to Hungary, several Eastern European countries have these issues too.

There are several clubs and restaurants in Budapest about which the U.S. Embassy has received numerous complaints from U.S. Citizens for engaging in unethical business practices. Victims have reports with the Embassy describing the following practices: excessive billing of customers, physical intimidation to force customers to pay exorbitant bills (including holding a member of a party while others in the group pay the bill at ATMs, 24-hour cash facilities), and assault by club/restaurant employees for non-payment of excessive bills. There have been incidents, albeit rare, where U.S> citizens unknowingly have been drugged.

Further, do not let seemingly helpful taxi drivers or local women lure you to an establishment they recommend – they may receive a commission for bringing victims to the club/restaurant. It is also advised that you not patronize clubs/ restaurants that do not list prices or provide a menu with prices. Always verify the cost prior to purchase. Be aware that a menu switch may occur at the time of a billing complaint/dispute, for you may be handed a menu that lists higher prices and other hidden charges.

This list is not all-encompassing, so please use common sense and take note when/where one or more local women approach U.S. Citizens in the guise of friendship. Please note that most of these places are located in the Budapest’s fifth district, on/near the main tourist street, the Vaci utca.

Varoskozpont (accessible by an outside elevator)
Galaxia etterem, bar
La Dolce Vita
Nirvana Night Club
Ti’Amo Bar
Diamond Club
Pigalle Night Club

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Paris – The City of Love

March 19th, 2012

What could be more romantic than going to Paris and hitting the most romantic sights in the city? If you really want to impress the one you love, take him/her to one of these places and get your hearts racing and save some money for a present. (hint, women like jewlery.)  To see all there is to do in Paris, go to  Nonrev Paris . To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

The Pedestrian Bridge in the last episode of “Sex and the City.”

Guys, here’s a big hint. Women love “Sex and the City.” If you want to impress her, go right to where ‘Mr. Big’ committed to Carrie. The place is a bridge that is called Pont des Arts, or the Pedestrian Bridge and crosses the river to the Louvre. The thing that even the biggest fans of the series don’t know……. Lovers go to this bridge with a padlock and its 2 keys, write their names on the lock, and lock it to the bridge. Each takes one of the keys and throws it into the river symbolizing their love for each other. Do this and she will never forget it or you!. Check out the video at: .


Moulin Rouge

There is the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ about tragic and romantic love, and then there is the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge which still exists and is located here in Paris.  The famous “Can-Can” was first performed and continues to be performed at the Moulin Rouge. There is more to the show than the “Can-Can”!  Make sure you get tickets early because this is a very popular spot. They do have topless costumes so don’t be too surprised.

To see all there is to do in Paris, go to Nonrev Paris . To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

Crazy Horse, Burlesque

If you really want to really treat your Valentine, a very classy way to go is the World Famous Crazy Horse. This is a very sophisticated burlesque show. This show was brought to Las Vegas to show the US how a production with beautiful women should look like. Even though the women are nude, the choreography is what the patrons come to see. Click here to see the show (Adult Content.)

To see all there is to do in Paris, go to Nonrev Paris. To see free and cheap things to do around the world, go to .

Free Manchester England

March 15th, 2012

We have found several new attractions in Manchester for you, and they are all FREE. We have listed several below. There are also several more that are already on the site at Nonrev Manchester.

Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery cares for the city’s internationally renowned and designated collections of fine art, decorative art and costume, see history of the collections for more information. They also run an ambitious program of temporary exhibitions and displays, public events and education programs. See more FREE Manchester Museums .

The Lowry

As you’d expect, nowhere else in the world can match their Galleries for their vast and fascinating range of LS Lowry’s work which changes with each exhibition. However, there’s much, much more, with enticing displays of contemporary and historical art in their three exciting spaces. See more at Manchester FREE Museums .


Urbis is an exhibition centre about city life. On your visit you can explore exhibitions about contemporary art & design, the city environment and the people who make our cities what they are. See more Manchester Museums at  Manchester FREE Museums .

Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery is part of the University of Manchester. It is home to some of the UK’s finest collections of art and design including modern and historic fine art, prints, textiles and a rare collection of wallpapers. See more Manchester Museums at See more at Manchester FREE Museums .

Vegas Baby

March 11th, 2012

Don’t know where to go or what to do for Valentines Day? Why not go to a place that has all the romantic hot spots in the world rolled into one, Las Vegas. Where else can you go Paris one night, the Venice the next? Ride on a gondola then go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Vegas has it all for her and for him. It can all be done on a budget too, just go to our Las Vegas Nonrev Page.


Vegas is known for its ability to take places from around the world, or existed in time, and bring them to life on the strip. What could be more romantic then Paris? And… no worries about the language barrier! You can take your special someone to sip wine in a French café on a Paris street in spring. Then go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and get one of the best views of Vegas. (This is a great place to give jewelry). The Parisian allows you to do all these things and more. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page.

Venetian, Gondola Rides

Another romantic country, Italy, and one of its most romantic cities, Venice. The canals bring visions of gondolas being navigated by singing boaters while resting lovers enjoy the day. Yes, this too is available in Vegas at the Venetian, and the temperature is always perfect with no chance of rain. A great treat for you and your valentine before a romantic Italian dinner with a great bottle of wine. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page

Playboy Club

For the ladies who want to do something for their man, there is the Playboy Club. This icon of sex appeal is a great place to go. The Playboy Club will help get in the mood and he will never stop thanking you for this excursion. Just remember to pack the bunny ears. To see more ideas like these, go to the Vegas Nonrev Page

Crazy Horse, Burlesque

If you want to really treat your Valentine, a very classy way to go is the World Famous Crazy Horse. This is a very sophisticated burlesque show. This show was brought to Las Vegas to show the US how a production with beautiful women should look like. Even though the women are nude, the choreography is what the patrons come to see. Click here to see the show (Nonrev Adult Content.)


Another tasteful show is Bite. Like Crazy Horse, it is a totally nude show. The difference is the performers go around the tables and through the audience. The show combines a play, magic, and aerial displays with music from the 70’s and 80’s. This is something you can do for your valentine to get the blood flowing. Click here to see the show (Nonrev Adult Content.)

Starbucks – Free Pound of Coffee

March 9th, 2012

While in Athens looking for free things to do, I went to Starbucks to get a Card to use in Europe. I found out that using a Starbucks Card with Dollars on it is depleted very quickly in the EU due to conversions. When I was picking one up, I found out that if you put Euros on a Greek Starbucks card in Greece, using the card in Greece gives a 10% discount. But, like those famous words, “That’s not all you get!” Put 25 Euros on the card and you get a free pound of coffee. So I got a card, a cup, AND a pound of coffee for 90% of the price of a coffee.Great deal! See more deals like this at .

Soviet Union’s top Flight Academy, Kirovograd

June 21st, 2011

  After World War II, the East and West split with polarized ideas on how society should work. The divide was so great that it created a Cold War that lasted decades. But what makes a person give themselves to the state to be the tip of the sword? Why does a person give up their own freedoms to promote their ideology? Why would someone become a pilot for the Soviet Union to defend the Communist Model of government over the “decadent West? Here is some insight to this question.

It was 1941. We ranged in ages from six to nine when our land was involved in a lethal danger. The Nazis crossed all of Europe on foot to come to our holy land. The Nazis trashed everything that was holy in our land…peace. They brought death and difficult times to the people. We lost friends and relatives. They destroyed everything living on this land and left only fire.

Many of us who lost our parents and homes will remember this was for the rest of our lives. We grew up without parental tenderness and care. Clear pictures of this was remain in the memories of the children of this war.

This stupid was devastated the lives of millions of Soviets. We had a very difficult childhood. After the war, we grew up always looking for food, clothing and shelter. We wore shoes of tree bark and our father’s coats. We picked frozen potatoes, made soup from grass and celebrated if we were able to get soy flour. From sunrise to sunrise we worked in the fields, helping adults work the machines to help our beloved country who desperately needed working hands.

Despite these terrible difficulties and thanks to the care of our communist party and soviet government we were able to make our childhood dreams come true. We were just boys, but we saw death and destruction which was brought on by the Nazis. We dreamed of becoming pilots to take revenge on them. Most of our generation became military pilots and later worked in civil aviation. Most of our generation became highest level pilots orbiting space and earth.

See more at  Kirovograd