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Monday, September 7th, 2009

THE ROME REPORT: written by Liza Salvatore (Roman historian/Papal scholar)

SAVE MONEY IN ROME AT CAFE`S. If getting a coffee on Via Veneto or some other tourist spot in Rome, keep in mind that your coffee at the stand up bar is 1/4th the price of the same coffee if you sit down at a table and order it from a waiter. This is especially important on Via Veneto where a coffee/espresso can cost you 4-5 Euro/$6.00.

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Free Food In Milan

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Free Food Video Milan is a great city of Fashion. As with any center of Fashion, the price of food is comparable to Gucci Couture… unless you are like me and know the secret to a FREE DINNER.
In Milan, the have a “Happy Hour,” but unlike happy hour in America, they don’t give half price drink specials. Instead they give out appetizers like nuts and potato chips. Some places though, put out huge spreads consisting grilled vegetables, cheeses, pasta, and pizza. The Canal district has several Happy Hours and one in particular, Ripa Kitchen & Bar, Has a great assortment of FREE FOOD, all you have to do is pay for a drink. At this bar, a pint of beer cost 7 Euro. Happy Hour Video
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Milan Castle and the Secret to Free Museums

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Milan Castle Video This Castle is over seven centuries old. It was one of the most “sumptuous courts of all Europe. It then became an army barracks during foreign occupation by first the Spanish, then the Austrians, the French, and then the Austrians again. In the 19th century, a united Italy restored the castle to what it once was. They even restored the church which was used by the occupiers as a stable. Ironic since there is a statue of an Austrian Saint in the Courtyard.


Besides the free castle, there are twelve museum housed in the building. They are;

Museum of Ancient Art

Egyptian Museums

Picture Gallery

Museum of Prehistory

Museum of Decorative Arts

Museum of Musical Instruments

Furniture Museum

Achille Bertarelli Prints Collection

Photographic Archives

Archaeological and Numismatic Library Office

Historical Archive and Trivulziana Library

Art Library and Vinciana Collection


The cost is 3 Euro to enter all of them for a day. But if that seems too expensive, just wait until 4:30PM when the museums are FREE. If your travel city is Milan, this is one of the best deals around. Your choice of 12 museums, all for free! Find all 12 Free Museums and Castle here. To see more free attractions all over the world, go to