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Soviet Union’s top Flight Academy, Kirovograd

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

  After World War II, the East and West split with polarized ideas on how society should work. The divide was so great that it created a Cold War that lasted decades. But what makes a person give themselves to the state to be the tip of the sword? Why does a person give up their own freedoms to promote their ideology? Why would someone become a pilot for the Soviet Union to defend the Communist Model of government over the “decadent West? Here is some insight to this question.

It was 1941. We ranged in ages from six to nine when our land was involved in a lethal danger. The Nazis crossed all of Europe on foot to come to our holy land. The Nazis trashed everything that was holy in our land…peace. They brought death and difficult times to the people. We lost friends and relatives. They destroyed everything living on this land and left only fire.

Many of us who lost our parents and homes will remember this was for the rest of our lives. We grew up without parental tenderness and care. Clear pictures of this was remain in the memories of the children of this war.

This stupid was devastated the lives of millions of Soviets. We had a very difficult childhood. After the war, we grew up always looking for food, clothing and shelter. We wore shoes of tree bark and our father’s coats. We picked frozen potatoes, made soup from grass and celebrated if we were able to get soy flour. From sunrise to sunrise we worked in the fields, helping adults work the machines to help our beloved country who desperately needed working hands.

Despite these terrible difficulties and thanks to the care of our communist party and soviet government we were able to make our childhood dreams come true. We were just boys, but we saw death and destruction which was brought on by the Nazis. We dreamed of becoming pilots to take revenge on them. Most of our generation became military pilots and later worked in civil aviation. Most of our generation became highest level pilots orbiting space and earth.

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