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Madrid Free Attractions and Cheap Food

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Museo Del Jambon in Madrid, or as the crews calls it, Museum of Ham, is the cheapest restaurant we have found. A 10 ounce beer is.7 Euro and a sandwich is .5 Euro. But the cheapest deal is 9 Euro for a Pichure of Sangria, a pitcher of beer, and four taps plates. This is enough for four people. It is an incredible deal for Europe, let alone Spain. NonRev would like to that for this great tip. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

For those of you who want American fast food in Madrid, Burger King has a happy meal for you. They serve 12 ounce beers in their establishment that cost 2 Euro and can be substituted in the value meal. The only problem is you can’t supersize it. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

Free Attractions in Madrid

Madrid has some great museums that are free. The only catch is that you have to know the days and/or the times. One of the best is the Muse Del Prado. Spain’s most popular tourist sight a The Museo del Prado is Spain’s premier art gallery, housing the finest works of art Spain has ever produced. See more free stuff at Free Madrid Attractions .

Advisory from the United States Department of State

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

This is directly from the Department of State. Although this applies directly to Hungary, several Eastern European countries have these issues too.

There are several clubs and restaurants in Budapest about which the U.S. Embassy has received numerous complaints from U.S. Citizens for engaging in unethical business practices. Victims have reports with the Embassy describing the following practices: excessive billing of customers, physical intimidation to force customers to pay exorbitant bills (including holding a member of a party while others in the group pay the bill at ATMs, 24-hour cash facilities), and assault by club/restaurant employees for non-payment of excessive bills. There have been incidents, albeit rare, where U.S> citizens unknowingly have been drugged.

Further, do not let seemingly helpful taxi drivers or local women lure you to an establishment they recommend – they may receive a commission for bringing victims to the club/restaurant. It is also advised that you not patronize clubs/ restaurants that do not list prices or provide a menu with prices. Always verify the cost prior to purchase. Be aware that a menu switch may occur at the time of a billing complaint/dispute, for you may be handed a menu that lists higher prices and other hidden charges.

This list is not all-encompassing, so please use common sense and take note when/where one or more local women approach U.S. Citizens in the guise of friendship. Please note that most of these places are located in the Budapest’s fifth district, on/near the main tourist street, the Vaci utca.

Varoskozpont (accessible by an outside elevator)
Galaxia etterem, bar
La Dolce Vita
Nirvana Night Club
Ti’Amo Bar
Diamond Club
Pigalle Night Club

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Starbucks – Free Pound of Coffee

Friday, March 9th, 2012

While in Athens looking for free things to do, I went to Starbucks to get a Card to use in Europe. I found out that using a Starbucks Card with Dollars on it is depleted very quickly in the EU due to conversions. When I was picking one up, I found out that if you put Euros on a Greek Starbucks card in Greece, using the card in Greece gives a 10% discount. But, like those famous words, “That’s not all you get!” Put 25 Euros on the card and you get a free pound of coffee. So I got a card, a cup, AND a pound of coffee for 90% of the price of a coffee.Great deal! See more deals like this at .

Save Money, Top 10 Free Attractions in Athens

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Athens is the cradle of Democracy and all free people. In honor of these ideas being free, listed are some of the top Free Attractions in Athens. To see all the attractions, go to the NonRev Athens Page.


Athens has some great architecture, but one area is frozen in time. The Plaka has strict zoning laws which forbid any modern architecture so it appears as though it is 19th Century Greece. This area has hardly any cars, and is one of the most picturesque places in Greece. Definitely worth wandering around for a while. To see details on free attractions in Greece, go to the Things to do in Athens Section.  


All Men are by Nature Equal…

‘All men are by nature equal, made all of the same earth by one Workman; and however we deceive ourselves, as dear unto God is the poor peasant as the mighty prince.This quote was first said in Plato’s Academy by the master of Philosophy himself. Where would we all be if he did not have the wisdom and courage to say these words? Plato’s Academy is still accessible to the public, and it is FREE.  Plato himself would have wanted this way. The fact that ideas are free is proof enough. To see details on free attractions in Greece, go to the Things to do in Athens Section.    


Best Gyros…According to the Greek Prime Minister

I didn’t believe this myself until I went there. I heard the Prime Minister and his followers go to Spiros Bairaktaris. When I found the place I asked a waiter. He pointed to a group and said that was the Prime Ministers Brother, and he has holding court. The price of a Gyro to go was around 1.7 Euro. It was very large and good enough for a meal. If you sit down, the cost is higher. To find more information, go to the NonRev Snacks in Greece section.


See more free attractions in Greece at the Greece section of NonRevWebsitecom. To see more free attractions from around the world, go to

4th of July Free Attractions in Boston

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The ‘One if by land, two if by sea.’ signal is said to have been sent from Christ Church at Boston’s North End. There are so many things about freedom that are free in Boston, that a trip here should not “tax” your visit. There is even a free Tour, Free NonRev Tours in Boston . A few of the free attractions are listed below.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…
Well, everyone may not know your name, but it is still free to see where one of the best TV sit-coms got its inspiration. Why not have a beer at Sam Malone’s bar and get a souvenir? NonRev Drinks in Boston .

Worlds Oldest Commissioned Warship Afloat
This ship is one of six original frigates authorized for construction in 1794, and was commissioned by George Washington in 1797. The ships were the biggest and best armed for their time. Her first assignment was against the Barbary Pirates of France. Click to find more Free Things To Do in Boston .

Where The Revolutionary War Started
‘Don’t shoot until you see the white’s of their eyes’! Sound familiar? It is attributed to The Battle at Bunker Hill. A giant monolith, the Bunker Hill Monument and Museum is dedicated to those who stood up to fight tyranny and free all mankind from the chains of monarchy. It is an obelisk, like the Washington Monument, because the founders of the US believed it should be patterned after Ancient Greece and Rome. This is why the US calls itself a Republic. See more free attractions in Boston at the Boston section of NonRevWebsitecom. To see more free attractions from around the world, go to

Stuttgart Travel Deals

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Looking for Non Rev Travel Deals in the Holiday Season?  Why not go to place where the Christmas Market is defined. It is one of the cheap deals, free. Thats right, a free attraction in Europe. It’s to find a better travel deal than that.  

Here is the Granddaddy of all the Christmas Markets! The Stuttgart Christmas market is so good, people from all over Europe go here by car, plane, even bus tours. It is huge and takes all day to go through. People shop during the day, eating and drinking as they go, then relax at night watching the people go by, even ice skating. The shops are full of handmade wooden crafts like Christmas Ornaments, Nutcrackers, and Nativity Scenes. Germany considers this the jewel of all their Christmas Market.

Once the sun sets, the food booths have a variety of winter treats. Besides the spiced wine, Christmas beers, and bratwursts, you can get the traditional Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes. This is the best way to have dinner with all the decorations, lights, and shoppers.

To find more information this Christmas Market and other free attractions, go to . They also have information on other Christmas Markets around Europe as well as the world.

Non-Rev Tip Guide

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

There is always confusion on my trips what we should tip. Those I fly with are perplexed that tipping more may mean worse service. They get angry whe they get the “ugly American” lable for trying to show there appreciation. My thought is, if I spend less money and everyone is happy, what’s the problem. So for those who want to save money on tipping overseas, here is the standard which is verified by Travel and Liesure Magazine.

United States and Canada – 15 to 20%, but more for great service especially if you are a regular and want to be treated like a king.
Restaurants – at least 15%, 17%-20% is the norm.
Bars – 10-15% or $1 for a beer, $2 for a cocktail

Central and South America – Service is different. In the US speed is wanted, in Latin America not being disturbed is cherished. If you keep snapping your fingers yelling garcon, well lets just say the service will go down from there.
Restaurants – Check for a service charge. If none, give 10-15%.
Bars – 10% at bars that serve food, none and bars that only servedrinks.

Mexico and the Caribbean – Tip like in the US but expect service like South America.
Restaurants – 15-20% but watch for the service fee.
Bars – 10-15% or $1 for a beer, $2 for a cocktail.

Europe – Wait staff are paid full salaries so rounding up to 5% is accepted. But watch out for the 10% service fee. In eastern Europe, tip in cash if possible.
Restaurants – 5-10% AT YOUR DESCRETION. Check for service fee.
Bars – round up to the next Euro if service is good.

Asia – It’s something new to them. Japan does not expect it and they like for you to pay at the register.
Restaurants -10% charge is already added, round up for great service.
Bars – Not really done.

Africa and the Middle East – Not realy accepted and privacy is considered better service than hanging on the customer.
Restaurants – Check for that service fee, 10% is good enough.
Bars – 10%

To see individual countries, check out the country pages at . And please don’t make us look bad by tipping to much 😉

Top 5 Cheap Food and Drinks in Washington DC

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Washington D.C. has many free attractions but when it comes to food, it is very expensive… until now.

There are several places that have cheap food in DC. The great news is that a few of them are chains located throughout the area, and we are not just talking about McDonalds. Here is a short list of the places to find meals around $5

Ben’s Chile Bowl – Famous chili half smoke is just $5.20
Julia Empanadas – Freshly-baked empanadas are served for less than $5
On the Fly – Eco-friendly SmartKarts. Pulled chicken sandwiches start at just $5.
Chinatown Express – A big bowl for under $5.
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant – Airline Employees get 25% off Food.

But there is also places to get cheap drinks. These places have drinks for under $5. They are only available at Happy Hour, so check out their sites.

PS 7 – Beer of the day for $3, its red, white and sparkling wine of the day for just $4
Lotus Lounge –  Beer, wine, sushi rolls and dumplings are just $5 during happy hour Tuesday through Saturday.
If you are looking for a snack to tie you over to dinner, there are a few place to go to.
Johnny’s Half Shell – mini-burgers and mini Asian tuna sandwiches are just $2.50, fried oysters and gumbo are $6 each during happy hour.
Cafe Asia – Happy Hour Sushi $1
Click on the name of the bar to find out what are the Cheap Food in DC Deals. There you will find the type of food, the time it is available, and the location hyperlinked to a google map for ease of use.
So enjoy your night out and why not follow up your Cheap DC Dinner with a DC Free Attraction? See those at .

TAXI TIPS, How to Avoid getting Ripped Off

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

  Taking a taxi can be a convenience or waste of time and money. There are several rules as well as scams when you get into a cab, especially in a foreign country. Here are a few.

  Many taxi drivers lie and say they can’t break your larger notes and you’ll end up grossly overpaying. If your cab fare is $10 and all you have on you is $20s, there is nothing you can do if he doesn’t have change. Many cash machines give large bills like 50 Euros which just makes the situation worse.  The solution is to get money at cash machines close to the hotel. Then cash any large bills to small ones and then always carry some small bills with you. At the end of the trip, you can always use them for tips. 

Many drivers will short change you, say goodbye and rush you out of the cab. Stay in the cab, get your cash, and count it until it you are satisfied with the numbers.

 Many taxis charge higher rates at night time. Don’t think it’s a scam if the evening ride back from the restaurant costs more than the afternoon ride to the restaurant.

Dishonest drivers may take the great circle route to jack up your fare. Have a city map and pretend to follow along with your progress. Ask the driver which route he’s taking. Act engaged in your routing. I layed over with a Captain who had a huge boy scout compass. When he pulled it out, it made everyone one think twice about the directions you gave him.

These are some one the scams that happen with taxies. There are hundreds of more that befall unsuspecting travelers. It is so prevalent these days. Thousands of travelers lose hundreds in currency a day. To see more scams, go to Scams At . And to see travel advice, go to Advice at .

Save 121 Pounds on London Hotels

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

On my last trip to London, actually a suburb of London, I found a way to save over 100 Pounds on a hotel room. The trick, stay close to the airport, use the Train.

There is a pass you can buy at the train station for a little over 15 Pounds that allows for all day travel on all trains, buses, and the Tube. So I did some research. I looked up a hotel at the airport. I picked a Four Star for about 73 Pounds. Then I picked a Four Star in London by the attractions that would allow you to see the sights in walking distance for 209 Pounds. So for the math, 209-(73+15)=121.

And lets face it, if you go to England, you are not just going to London, you are going to visit Bath, Stonehenge, and maybe Oxford. So why have to go back to an expensive hotel every night?

But here is the most important question nobody ever asks themselves and always gives them the most trouble. How am I going to deal with the London traffic to get to my flight home? It is so easy to walk from the hotel or take the courtesy car to your flight instead of dealing with a bus or a train. Did I mention you save 121 Pounds?

To see more deals and free stuff in England, go to the London version of To see more Free stuff from around the world, go to