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Madrid Free Attractions and Cheap Food

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Museo Del Jambon in Madrid, or as the crews calls it, Museum of Ham, is the cheapest restaurant we have found. A 10 ounce beer is.7 Euro and a sandwich is .5 Euro. But the cheapest deal is 9 Euro for a Pichure of Sangria, a pitcher of beer, and four taps plates. This is enough for four people. It is an incredible deal for Europe, let alone Spain. NonRev would like to that for this great tip. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

For those of you who want American fast food in Madrid, Burger King has a happy meal for you. They serve 12 ounce beers in their establishment that cost 2 Euro and can be substituted in the value meal. The only problem is you can’t supersize it. See more about Madrid deals Madrid NonRev Page.

Free Attractions in Madrid

Madrid has some great museums that are free. The only catch is that you have to know the days and/or the times. One of the best is the Muse Del Prado. Spain’s most popular tourist sight a The Museo del Prado is Spain’s premier art gallery, housing the finest works of art Spain has ever produced. See more free stuff at Free Madrid Attractions .

Free Manchester England

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We have found several new attractions in Manchester for you, and they are all FREE. We have listed several below. There are also several more that are already on the site at Nonrev Manchester.

Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery cares for the city’s internationally renowned and designated collections of fine art, decorative art and costume, see history of the collections for more information. They also run an ambitious program of temporary exhibitions and displays, public events and education programs. See more FREE Manchester Museums .

The Lowry

As you’d expect, nowhere else in the world can match their Galleries for their vast and fascinating range of LS Lowry’s work which changes with each exhibition. However, there’s much, much more, with enticing displays of contemporary and historical art in their three exciting spaces. See more at Manchester FREE Museums .


Urbis is an exhibition centre about city life. On your visit you can explore exhibitions about contemporary art & design, the city environment and the people who make our cities what they are. See more Manchester Museums at  Manchester FREE Museums .

Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery is part of the University of Manchester. It is home to some of the UK’s finest collections of art and design including modern and historic fine art, prints, textiles and a rare collection of wallpapers. See more Manchester Museums at See more at Manchester FREE Museums .

4th of July Free Attractions in Boston

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The ‘One if by land, two if by sea.’ signal is said to have been sent from Christ Church at Boston’s North End. There are so many things about freedom that are free in Boston, that a trip here should not “tax” your visit. There is even a free Tour, Free NonRev Tours in Boston . A few of the free attractions are listed below.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…
Well, everyone may not know your name, but it is still free to see where one of the best TV sit-coms got its inspiration. Why not have a beer at Sam Malone’s bar and get a souvenir? NonRev Drinks in Boston .

Worlds Oldest Commissioned Warship Afloat
This ship is one of six original frigates authorized for construction in 1794, and was commissioned by George Washington in 1797. The ships were the biggest and best armed for their time. Her first assignment was against the Barbary Pirates of France. Click to find more Free Things To Do in Boston .

Where The Revolutionary War Started
‘Don’t shoot until you see the white’s of their eyes’! Sound familiar? It is attributed to The Battle at Bunker Hill. A giant monolith, the Bunker Hill Monument and Museum is dedicated to those who stood up to fight tyranny and free all mankind from the chains of monarchy. It is an obelisk, like the Washington Monument, because the founders of the US believed it should be patterned after Ancient Greece and Rome. This is why the US calls itself a Republic. See more free attractions in Boston at the Boston section of NonRevWebsitecom. To see more free attractions from around the world, go to

Ultimate Interactive NonRev Checklist

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Did you ever have that sinking feeling when you reached your destination that you had forgotten to pack something, and it was a major item? That is why created the Interactive NonRev Checklist. Several years of travel experience has gone into this tool to guarantee nothing is forgotten. A great feature about this checklist is….it’s interactive. As you put items into your suitcase, you can check them off the list.

The Interactive NonRev Checklist is divided into 5 sections so as to not miss anything. The first section is Must Need NonRev Stuff. As the name implies, these are the tools you must have when traveling standby. It includes links to tools like a NonRev Timetable for all the world’s airlines and most trains. .

The next section is Must Need Stuff. This is also a great checklist if you are working a trip or not NonReving. It includes the basics like passport, drivers license, travel clock, etc. . It even has links to sites that help you get your passports replaced if you lose them, they expire, or you run out of room for stamps

Next there is a section on First Aid Supplies. Items such as Dramamine, Pepto Bismol, asprin….etc. It also contains items active people need on adventure vacations like BandAids and after bite salve.

Then there is the Hygiene Supplies section. All the things you need to stay clean. This includes all the things you would expect, but also includes what you might not think of, but you can’t live without if you go on a safari for example. These include tissues and toilet paper.

Finally there is an Other section. It contains the things you might not have thought of and were not covered in the other sections.

NonReving is difficult enough without forgetting something you really need. This Interactive checklist has been designed to eliminate that problem. There is even a mobile version of the Interactive NonRev Checklist allowing users to take the checklist on their phones. Enjoy this new tool and never have that sinking feeling again.

Rotation Reroute, Nonrev Negator

Monday, March 14th, 2011

I was just flew to a city where another crew from my airline was laying over. It seems they got a reroute that turned there one day layover into a three day layover. What happened was their flight, which started in the middle of the United States, had low loads for the two days after they took off. The flight from the coast to the same city also had low loads for the next two days. Operations rerouted the passengers that would have departed from the middle of the US to the coast which didn’t affect the passengers much, but hurt the nonrev passengers many ways and here is how.

The most obvious way this effected the Nonrevs who looked at leaving on the cancelled flight for their vacation had there disrupted. They had to scramble for another way to get to their destination. But who else that was effected where the commuters to the coast. Over 200 seats we use to get to work disappeared overnight. Those seats that the nonrev expected to be open, and were verified open on the company site, were not available.

The solution is too be ready the night before by finding all the flights to work. This can be accomplished by going to the NonRev Timetable . And don’t forget to bookmark this site on your phone Then just before you go to work, check your company site. Once you get to work, go right to the gate and see if there are any problems. DON’T WAIT AROUND. If there is, go to the NonRev Timetable you put on your phone.

Saving Money on Rental Cars

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

So now you have used tools like the one at to get the cheapest deals on a rental car. But there is even more you can do to save money with this type of transportation. Most of these things deal with your driving habits. Here are some to help save more money.

The first great tip is to reduce the weight of the vehicle. As stated in the blog on C5 Corvette Top 3 Free Performance Tips , reducing weight can increase performance by 3%. This also means that you increase your gas mileage 3% by reducing weight by 100 pounds. The simplest way is to not fill up the tank. Only buy what you need to get to your next destination. Every 6 gallons mean one pound. 5.6 extra gallons in the tank makes a 1% increase in mileage.

Next, is how you drive the rental car. Do not idle the car long after starting, over 30 seconds is a waste. Avoid jack-rabbit starts, pushing the accelerator more than one quarter travel waste fuel. Don’t start and stop needlessly, each minute at idle wastes as much gas as starting the engine. Finally, don’t rev the engine because it wastes fuel and does undo ware to the engine.

With these tips and the money you saved on rental car site, you should be able to save lots of money on your next trip.

Why You Can’t NonRev in September

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I just rode in on Jet Blue and received some bad information for NonRevs. Jet Blue’s All You Can Jet Pass promotion is sold out. That means between September 6th and October 6th the planes will be more than full. I was lucky enough to meet the Senior Analyst for Network Planning and he gave me some great insight on how to NonRev in this difficult period.

With the kids going back to school,  September is known to be a great time to non-rev because the loads are low. This is why JetBlue does this promotion now. That means the demographics of people flying will be those without kids. Without those kids, there won’t be child weights on the numbers and more planes at JetBlue having weight and balance issues. So that empty seat may not be available. Make sure you ask when you sign if it will matter and plan you options accordingly.

According to last years numbers, the worst days to travel is Fridays and Sundays. The don’t have hard numbers for this year because the promotional passes can be booked up to 3 days prior to a flight. And don’t worry about the people booking a seat and not showing up because JetBlue has as ingenious solution, charge them $100 or more if they don’t show up!

The worst city pair was between Chicago and New York. The interesting thing is this is one of the shortest legs they have. It also shows how underserved this market really is. Hey Airlines! This is a hint! More seats between New York and Chicago! And guess what the busiest airport will be? JFK, their hub.

The best solutions to this problem in NonReving to New York I have written in a post “Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Non-Rev to New York.” I have the 5 top problems but more importantly the solution and the ways to avoid the problem. But the best solution to bring chocolate, lots of chocolate. Gate Agents love that stuff. I think it has something to do with their stress level.

When not to Non-Rev

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I was just in Italy talking to the crew that brought my flight in. The Captain of the inbound flight tried to have his wife Non-Rev with him because the flight was wide open. They even check the flight the day before. The day of the flight, the flight was oversold. The captain asked the gate agent what happen to the loads. She said the airlines have a new airline policy on selling tickets which basically negates all our pass privileges.

When a flight has open seats a day or two before a flight to Europe, the DEEPLY discount them to fill up the seat. The prices are so low, they can’t afford to pay the commission on other web pages so you have to go directly to the airline’s website. How low are the prices? He was told $600 round trip to Italy. But it gets worse.

The person who paid $600 for his ticketed volunteered to give up his seat because the flight was oversold. He received a $200 voucher, accommodations for the night, and positive space, wait for it…, in First Class. Let me beat this dead horse. This person paid $400 round trip to Italy…in First Class. Just throw out those buddy passes now.

So if you are planning to non-rev this summer to Europe, think again. But there is a solution. Go to … to find out.

The Solution to this summer’s Non-Rev Crisis

The  beauty of this is we can use it to our advantage. If you would like to non-rev somewhere and see the flight you want is wide open, watch it like a hawk. If it stays open, the day or two before go to the airline’s public website and check out the prices. If they are rock bottom, buy them.

This next part depends on your flexibility. When you go to airport to catch your flight, talk to the gate agent, show them your badge and see if they are buying people off. And be very nice about it. If they are, tell them you would like to be on the list. If not, you may get the upgrade if there is room and you are nice. My secret is chocolate, works every time.

See Where your Tax Money Goes

Monday, May 10th, 2010

If you want to take a vacation on the US Government, non-rev to Washington DC. Like Britain, most museums in DC are free with almost all of them paid for by taxpayers like you and me. These museums hold premier collections of the world like the Air and Space Museum. Besides museums, there are world renowned monuments as well as a few new attractions like the WW II Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. Here are a few deals you can cut on your travels to the Capital of the United States.

1. National Air and Space Museum
2. Jefferson Memorial
3. Lincoln Memorial
4. WW II Memorial
5. Vietnam Veteran’s Wall Museum

6. Willard Intercontinental Hotel
7. National Gallery of Art
8. National Portrait Gallery
9. National Zoo
10. Rock Creek Park
11. National Cathedral
12. National Theater
13. Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage
14. The Phillips Collections
15. Lunder Conservative Center
16. Smithsonian American Art Museum
17. Library of Congress
18. Arlington National Cemetery
19. Supreme Court
20. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

These are just of a few of the free attractions you can find in Washington DC. Click on the top 5 to find more information To see all the deals we found, go to .

But since you saved so much money on attractions, why stop there? Why not find out where you can find deals on food and drinks? Like the museums, there are several places to eat cheap to save even more money, and we are not talking McDonalds. You can find these discounts at

To find more deals on all your interline travel, go to

Your Representative my not be able to get free stuff anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Why not let the government lobby you for a change? After all, it is your money.

Top 5 Cheap Food and Drinks in Washington DC

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Washington D.C. has many free attractions but when it comes to food, it is very expensive… until now.

There are several places that have cheap food in DC. The great news is that a few of them are chains located throughout the area, and we are not just talking about McDonalds. Here is a short list of the places to find meals around $5

Ben’s Chile Bowl – Famous chili half smoke is just $5.20
Julia Empanadas – Freshly-baked empanadas are served for less than $5
On the Fly – Eco-friendly SmartKarts. Pulled chicken sandwiches start at just $5.
Chinatown Express – A big bowl for under $5.
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant – Airline Employees get 25% off Food.

But there is also places to get cheap drinks. These places have drinks for under $5. They are only available at Happy Hour, so check out their sites.

PS 7 – Beer of the day for $3, its red, white and sparkling wine of the day for just $4
Lotus Lounge –  Beer, wine, sushi rolls and dumplings are just $5 during happy hour Tuesday through Saturday.
If you are looking for a snack to tie you over to dinner, there are a few place to go to.
Johnny’s Half Shell – mini-burgers and mini Asian tuna sandwiches are just $2.50, fried oysters and gumbo are $6 each during happy hour.
Cafe Asia – Happy Hour Sushi $1
Click on the name of the bar to find out what are the Cheap Food in DC Deals. There you will find the type of food, the time it is available, and the location hyperlinked to a google map for ease of use.
So enjoy your night out and why not follow up your Cheap DC Dinner with a DC Free Attraction? See those at .